PPP: Invigorating Investment Initiative in Bangladesh

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In August 2010, the Government of Bangladesh issued the Policy and Strategy for Public Private Partnership (PPP) to facilitate the development of core sector public infrastructure and services vital for the people of Bangladesh. The PPP program is part of the Government's Vision 2021 goal to ensure a more rapid, inclusive growth trajectory, and to better meet the need for enhanced, high quality public services in a fiscally sustainable manner.

Under this new national policy, the PPP Authority was established as a separate, autonomous office under the Prime Minister's Office to support sector line ministries to facilitate identification, development and tendering of PPP projects to international standards. A PPP Unit under the Ministry of Finance was established to foster an environment of fiscal responsibility and sustainability in PPP projects.

As the main portal to information on the national PPP program, this website provides details of

New policies and procedures for realising PPP projects

Institutions supporting the PPP programme

Proposed pilot PPP projects

News on PPP developments in Bangladesh

In the future, this website will serve as the main clearinghouse for information on upcoming PPP project tenders and financing vehicles.

We look forward to working in partnership with the national and international investment community, financiers, and civil society to realize the needs for a growing and more prosperous Bangladesh.

Prospective Sectors under PPP

The government is interested in involving private sector in all sectors barring a few for national security reasons. Modern and reliable infrastructure is a must to uplift country’s economy from the current state to a higher growth trajectory. But due to lack of investment in infrastructure in the past seven years, it is now stagnant. Realising the demand for change, the present government’s election manifesto accorded highest priority to infrastructure development, particularly to power generation and welcomes PPP investment in the following areas:

  • Power and energy
  • Transportation Infrastructure ( Roads, Rail, ports, Airport and water transport)
  • Pure drinking water and sewerage
  • Information technology
  • Air Transportation and Tourism
  • Industry
  • Education (Secondary, technical ad research)
  • Health and Family Welfare
  • Housing
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