Utility Set-up Solution

Wpfreeware 6:49 AM Utility Set-up Solution

Utility is the most essential stuffs for manufacturing industries to run its machineries and create environment friendly the production area. Without utility it might not be possible to run a factory.

Gas Connection

To meet rapidly growing domestic gas demand, Bangladesh government is looking to import LNG and set up adequate infrastructure. Dhaka has signed two agreements for setting up of FSRU in last almost one year. Petrobangla last year signed a contract with Excelerate Energy under which the latter would build and operate a floating terminal in Moheshkhali. Then earlier this year, the state-owned energy company signed a second agreement with a local private sector company Summit Group. This FSRU will also be located at Moheshkhali. In addition to these, Petrobangla has also signed an MoU with Indian Petronet for setting up of a land based terminal.

Power Connection

Bangladesh is progressing through a phase of development where automation is the key to its economy and business. As the country continues to industrialise the importance of power generation and electricity supply becomes a key government priority.

Boiler Installation

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