Project Profile

  • Industrial Project Scope

    A project profile presents estimate of the activities involved and the total investment that will be required, as well as the annual operating costs and, in the case of income generating projects, the annual income.

Trade and Business

  • Policy and Trade related Agreement of Bangladesh

    There are five policies (1) Industrial Policy of Ministry of Industry of Bangladesh (2) Agricultural & Rural Credit Policy and Program for the FY 2016-2017 (3) Bangladesh-Handicraft-Policy (4) Small & Medium Enterprise Credit Policies (5) Guidelines on Credit Risk Management for Banks

Potential Sectors

  • Light Engineering Industrial Sector

    Light engineering industries are specially suitable for their high labour intensity, innovativeness and low capital investment. According to Bangladesh Engineering Industry Owners Association (BEIOA), a total of 40,000 such units are producing capital machinery, spare parts of imported machines – new or reconditioned.


Financial News

  • PPP: Invigorating Investment Initiative

    The government is interested in involving private sector in all sectors barring a few for national security reasons. Modern and reliable infrastructure is a must to uplift country’s economy from the current state to a higher growth trajectory.