Designing Factory Layout

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Skillful and planning Factory Layout Designing is a very crucial factor for any industrial factory to generate its best result.
Production planning may be said to be a technique of forecasting ahead every step in the long process of production, taking them at right time and in right degree and trying to complete operations at the maximum efficiency.
“The planning of industrial operation involves for consideration, namely, what work shall be done, how the work shall be done and lastly when the work shall be done.”

Necessary things are to be shown in the Layout Drawing to approve new as well as alternative drawing

  1. Site Plan or Location Map
  2. Front Elevation
  3. Section/Cross Section
  4. Machine Layout Plan
  5. Alternative Door/Stair/ Emergency Exit
  6. Ventilation, Doors, Windows & Exhaust Fan etc.
  7. Production Flow Chart
  8. It is mandatory to mentioned measurement of every Door/Stair/Emergency Exit Way/Path etc in the drawing Factory -3
  9. Separate Toilet of Male & Female (Toliet/25 workers)
  10. Separate Canteen of Male & Female, if applicable
  11. Separate Rest Room of Male & Female, if applicable
  12. Doctor’s Room & Dispensary, if applicable
  13. Crèche/Baby Care Room, if applicable
  14. Photocopy of previous Layout Plan which is approved by this Department, DIFE, if applicable

Required documents for Layout Approval

  1. Trade License
  2. Rent Agreement/Land Mutation Copy
  3. NID of Applicant
  4. Soil Test Report of the land
  5. Structural Design/Drawing certified by Engineer/Architecture
  6. Load Bearing Certificate certified by Engineer/Architecture
  7. Occupancy Certificate certified by Engineer/Architecture
  8. Structural Design Approval by Local Authority

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