Duty Free Quota Free export items to China

Wpfreeware 6:49 AM Duty Free Export to China

China has expanded its duty-free access to Bangladeshi products, now covering 99% of tariff lines. This initiative is part of China’s effort to strengthen economic ties and support Bangladesh’s export growth. The expanded access includes key export items such as apparel, jute and leather products, and frozen fish​ (The Business Standard) (BIDA).

Previously, China offered duty-free treatment to 97% of Bangladeshi goods, which was increased to 98% in 2022. The latest expansion to 99% is expected to further boost trade between the two countries. However, despite these favorable conditions, Bangladesh’s exports to China have not grown as significantly as expected due to challenges such as limited product diversity and issues with meeting product standards ​ (The Business Standard)​.

For Bangladesh to fully capitalize on this expanded duty-free access, it will need to diversify its export products and enhance quality standards. This is crucial for taking full advantage of the Chinese market, which has a high potential for Bangladeshi goods​ (The Business Standard)​.

Moreover, discussions are ongoing about signing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Bangladesh and China, which could further facilitate trade and investment, helping Bangladesh tackle challenges associated with its upcoming graduation from the Least Developed Countries (LDC) category​ (BIDA).

China will keep duty free access for post-LDC Bangladesh: Envoy compilation from (The Business Post).

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