Investment scenario in Bangladesh

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Tk 34,000 crore investment proposals came in Jan-Mar: Bida

The Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (Bida) received a total of Tk 33,806.29 crore investment proposals from home and abroad in the January-March period of 2024.

Some 302 industries have registered with Bida to make this investment, according to a statement of the investment promotion agency.

Out of them, 270 industries are local, 18 industries are fully foreign-owned and 14 have joint ownerships.

Of the total investment, Tk 17,636 crore will come from local investors and will create employment opportunities for 218,131 people.

According to the proposals, Tk 4,027.4 crore will be invested in the agriculture industrial sector, Tk 3,765.33 crore in the garments industry, Tk 3,117.03 in chemical sector, Tk 2,342.90 crore for engineering sector and Tk 1,993.36 crore in printing and publishing industry.

In the three months, foreigner will invest Tk 16,169.37 crore, which will create jobs for 4,735 people.

Of the foreign investments, Tk 13,620.74 crore will be invested in the engineering industrial sector, Tk 1,645.8 crore in the services industry, Tk 413.67 crore in chemical industry, Tk 395.25 crore in the garment industry and Tk 48.77 crore in tannery and leather industries.

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