Entrepreneurship Support Fund (ESF)

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The Equity Entrepreneurship Fund remains a crucial tool for fostering entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. By providing equity support rather than loans, it offers a unique way for entrepreneurs to access capital without incurring debt, thus encouraging innovation and sustainable business practices. Entrepreneurs interested in leveraging the EEF should focus on developing robust, innovative, and sustainable business plans in the ICT and agriculture sectors.

As of 2024, the Equity Entrepreneurship Fund (EEF) in Bangladesh, established to support entrepreneurship and foster innovation, continues to play a significant role in providing financial assistance to new and existing entrepreneurs in specific sectors.

Here is Bangladesh Bank's EEF Circular Letter No. 01: Submission of EOI for establishment of Food Processing & Agro-based and ICT Projects under Entrepreneurship Support Fund' (ESF) Loan published on 27/09/2020

  1. EOI Form
  2. Guideline of EOI Form
  3. ESF Policies

In addition here is the Company Profile Format regarding this Fund:

  • Company Profile Format

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