Project Profile | Feasibility Study Report

A Project Profile is a visual representation of an entrepreneurial idea and concept that provides a complete view of the business's potential success.

Project Profile Preparation | Rimex International

Our Project Profiles are typically prepared by experts who comprehensively and meticulously analyze various aspects of the project. Consult our experts

Sample Project Profile | Rimex International

A well-prepared project profile very important that typically consists of various essential estimates and information related to the project. See our work in action.

Investor's Corner | Project Profile

Investing is crucial to the nation's prosperity and success, and investors play a significant role in pursuing their dreams and aspirations. Learn more.

Investment Opportunity in Bangladesh | Project Profile

Bangladesh is a promising investment destination, with opportunities in energy, pharmaceuticals, information technology, and labor-intensive industries.

Potential Sectors in Bangladesh | Project Profile

Bangladesh's graduation from LDC status offers a great opportunity for industrial sector growth, leading to economic development. Learn more.

Project Profile

  • Industrial Project Scope

    A project profile presents estimate of the activities involved and the total investment that will be required, as well as the annual operating costs and, in the case of income generating projects, the annual income.

Trade and Business

  • Policy and Trade related Agreement

    Policy and trade-related agreements are vital for Bangladesh's development, offering numerous economic benefits and opportunities for growth. However, it is essential to manage these agreements prudently and carefully to mitigate potential challenges and ensure that the benefits are broadly shared across the society.

Potential Sectors

  • Light Engineering Industrial Sector

    Light engineering industries are specially suitable for their high labour intensity, innovativeness and low capital investment. According to Bangladesh Engineering Industry Owners Association (BEIOA), a total of 40,000 such units are producing capital machinery, spare parts of imported machines – new or reconditioned.


Financial News

  • PPP: Invigorating Investment Initiative

    The government is interested in involving private sector in all sectors barring a few for national security reasons. Modern and reliable infrastructure is a must to uplift country’s economy from the current state to a higher growth trajectory.